Agro-Foods has four mutually linking service themes designed to support players in agribusiness.

  1. Markets and business development

By virtue of being aggregators and agro-processors, we believe that sustainable agricultural enterprise begins from the market.Agro-foods therefore provides guaranteed markets to small holder farmers,SMEs and vendors for tubers (sweet potatoes,Arrow roots and Cassava),high value grains (finger-millet,chia seeds,grain amaranth) through:

  • Market planning and research
  • Sharing of market information
  • Adoption of block-chain technology
  • Contract farming
  1. Agronomic and post-harvest handling

We have in-house staff who have expertise in agribusiness and can support in capacity development, group organizations, agribusiness & farm planning and provision of agronomic support and post-harvest handling. To ensure value for money for our collaborators, we provide (where necessary) clean and certified planting materials and seeds to ensure consistency, quality and guaranteed yields. To ensure compliance to Global standards and produce quality, we provide capacity development and tools for post-harvest

3.Agro-Foods Tv

Agro-foods Tv is focussed on mobilization and sensitization of stakeholders involving in the 4 product lines that we focus on

  1. Capturing of stories and technologies on production,post-harvest handling and markets development
  2. Opportunities in the market agricultural commodities
  3. Highlighting and broadcasting events of agribusiness networking and markets