Welcome to Agro-Foods Trading group

The taste of Africa

Fair prices

Our trade policies are fair, competitive and environmentally sustainable. The resultant effects are passed on to our customers and producers. Our prices therefore remain globally competitive while offering quality products.

Global accreditation

We have earned global reputation and accreditation through fair trade. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We have invested in functional traceability and organic production systems to ensure that our customers across the globe are a constantly happy lot.

Smart logistics

Sanuke foods are known for pioneering food traceability systems and smart logistics in Africa. Our farm-to-fork model ensures better produce shelf-life, reduced transport costs, fresh quality and most importantly, assured food safety.

Who We Are

Agro-Foods is a globally accredited food trade agency with main offices in Kenya. Our key valuechains of interest include tubers, legumes and tropical fruits. We are known to stand for quality, freshness and consistency. We have one of the widest networks of farmers in East Africa and enjoy a strong technology-backed food distribution network globally. Talk to us today for quotations and business opportunities.

Our Products

Get spoilt for choice when sourcing from us. From fresh tubers sweet potatoes produced in Homabay (the navel of Kenyan sweet potatoes) to fresh dried common beans fortified with nutrients to succulent papaya, Agro-Foods Trading Limited has made tremendous investment to ensure quality, consistency and value for money.
Our team will ensure you get these in their right state, variety, at the right time in the right place. We pay attention to detail and have mastered the art of taking care of our customers’ preferences.


Coffee from this region recently attained world recognition after being ranked one of the best by Coffee Review, a global ranking platform. Sanuke Foods ensures you get carefully selected coffee berries or roasted coffee that will put your business in the frontline. Talk to us today.

Tropical Fruits

If you are looking for organic, nutritious tropical fruits with good shelf-life Sanuke products might just be what you are looking for. Our Avocados and papayas are tastefully produced and packed with you in mind.Our fruits are produced in the remotest parts of Kenya with minimal air pollution,giving them a consistent heavenly taste.Our products are tastefully tailor-packed to suit growing appetite for nutritious fruits.


We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.


We have partners with farmers across Kenya to give our customers the best of dried cereal products. Our range of legumes include Common beans, Chickpea, Pigeon peas, Dolicos (Kamande),Green grams, Lentils just to mention a few. Our products are cleaned, sorted and regularly tested for various parameters.


From Macadamia nuts produced around the lower slopes of Mount Kenya to cashew nuts from the coastal region, Sanuke produces the best nuts for local and export markets. We trade in a wide range of nuts


We have added Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP)to our list of tubers. Western Kenya is globally known to produce the Queen’s (of England) most favourite food sweet potato. OFSP is regarded as one of the best supplies of vitamin A to the human body. Complete organic production system is an added crown to our sweet potatoes.